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If your company provides RFID products, services, or solutions, then consider...

If you were going to hire:

  1. A marketing professional with 10+ of experience marketing RFID products and services
  2. An engineer with 10+ years of experience designing, developing, implementing, and supporting RFID systems
  3. A business development specialist working 10+ years in the RFID industry to make introductions to prospective partners
  4. A highly credible Lab or University to benchmark test your products and publish a report that documents performance
  5. An industry analyst to help with competitive analysis to differentiate your products from similar ones
  6. A technical writer with 10+ years of experience authoring articles, white papers, and books about RFID technology
  7. A screenwriter to author a television-style script about your products
  8. A technical translation team to accurately translate all of this content in to simplified and traditional Chinese
  9. A technical trainer that was part of the group that developed the RFID+ certification
  10. A video production company to produce broadcast quality videos showing your products
  11. A global media company to publish articles and videos (that you have approved) about your products
  12. A PR agency to get this same content syndicated in numerous targeted vertical markets, geographies, and languages
  13. A lead generation company to find highly qualified leads in those same targeted markets
  14. A television show on 18 non-commercial cable channels across the US to produce an episode dedicated to your products

Now, make that a team with mulitple professionals posessing all of the above skills. What would the salaries, expenses, and other costs of all these resources add up to every month?

This is what you get when you work with The RFID Network. 

This is why your competitors have been working with us for years.  Our specialized services are unmatched - anywhere.

To have your product reviewed, or learn more about how The RFID Network can help you, please contact us.


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RFID Network Sponsors Put Us to the Test

If your media marketing partners are not:

  • Enhancing Your Credibility
  • Working Collaboratively with you to Create High Quality Content
  • Clearly Differentiating your products form the Competition
  • Generating qualified leads and sales

Then you should contact us. Our sponsors have put us to the test against webinars, conferences, and videos. We've published the results in this video.

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