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The Evolution of RFID Middleware to Intelligent Sensor Network

Previously we published an article entitled, RFID Middleware is Extinct: The Intelligent Sensor Network is Born, where author Louis Sirico made the controversial proclamation that "RFID Middleware is not a long-term solution." The article has been viewed nearly 20,000 times and we’ve received feedback from countless professionals. After all this scrutiny, the industry experts agree: an RFID reader is actually a sensor device and it needs to be treated as one.

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RFID Middleware is Extinct: The Intelligent Sensor Network is Born

Written By Louis Sirico with brilliant contributions from Carlos Arteaga and Tony Woods

"RFID Middleware is not a long term solution". It has taken me some time to muster the nerve to publicly proclaim what many experts in the RFID industry have whispered behind closed doors for years. This should be a little less surprising as several big name providers have recently dropped out of the market. Yet, now that I have published this bold announcement, I'm left with the enormous task of backing it up and describing the evolutionary process that has taken place.

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