UHF RF Regulations and World Map

Depending on the region of the world you are working on, there are different governing authorities that set regulations regarding the use of RFID technology. The differences include frequency spectrum, output power, and a lot of other subtle technical details we won't go into here. What's important to know is that you must use RFID equipment certified for the region in which it is operating. That's why this information is important. Always look-up the information specific to the country your RFID equipment is operating in before making a purchase.

The below map provides an overview of the Ultra High Frequency (UHF) regulations worldwide. This first-of-a-kind, resource tells you the standards in the major and emerging markets for RFID. Whether you are importing, exporting or purchasing RFID equipment, this is what you need to know.

You may zoom in and out. Click on a balloon to see details for that country.

Please note: This resource requires Adobe Flash.

Please help us keep this information up to date. If you know of any updates, please contact us. You can also download this information in a document form from EPCglobal: here.

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0 #1 AndrewJayden 2011-06-04 02:10
Yes i have read so much about this. Here your information is quite informative. Most countries consider RF spectrum as an exclusive property of the state.

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