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RFID Essentials is an innovative, online learning tool designed to address the needs of end-user companies. Users not only learn RFID technology, but also how to apply and evaluate it.

Your enterprise can shave months off a pilot or implementation by getting the entire project team up to speed early in the planning phase.

Since RFID Essentials is available over the Internet, you can learn at your own pace, from your office, home, or local coffee shop.


“RFID Essentials is an excellent learning tool for end-user companies piloting or rolling out RFID applications. Because it’s online and very visual, it’s well adapted to global companies. My team particularly liked its imaginative, interactive exercises. The final exam is challenging, but a good measure of a person’s readiness to plan a pilot.”

Dr. Patrick King, Global Electronics Strategist, Michelin

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Who Should Take RFID Essentials

It’s ideal for information technology, finance, operations, engineering, and sales professionals and managers who want to familiarize themselves with RFID technology without spending days or weeks reading or sitting in a classroom.


Individuals may subscribe to RFID Essentials for 60 days. The RFID Network offers this class at only $535.50--a 10% discount from RFID Revolution's $595 list price.

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To enterprises with ten or more users, we offer group pricing under a one-year license. Please contact us for details.

Our Customer Support group is available to help you with any problems ordering, accessing, or navigating the course.  They are available Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., U.S. Eastern Time. Click here for their contact information and for PC configuration requirements.

People Learn Best from Hands-on Experience


Our exclusive YouTag Virtual Workshops give you the equivalent of hands-on experience with realistic RFID tags and readers, on your PC.

RFID Essentials is a sensory-rich, interactive experience in which users test their understanding in simulated applications. This active involvement helps you learn efficiently and remember.

Developed in collaboration with three top industry experts, this self-paced, eight-hour resource provides you with the confidence and readiness to advance your organization's RFID initiative.

Course ContentsRFID

  • RFID technology -- Active, passive, RTLS, middleware
  • RFID standards -- Including how to share data with trading partners using EPCglobal standards
  • Applications -- Including 20 actual deployments producing ROI
  • How to identify the most promising applications in your enterprise
  • Steps in planning a pilot
  • How to measure the financial contribution of an RFID application in your enterprise -- Including interactive case studies
  • How to secure tag-reader communication; and privacy policies and regulations
  • Final exam (and certificate) -- Tests applied knowledge; offered up to three times

Imaginative animations help you understand how RFID technology works in typical applications like hospital asset tracking (RTLS), supply chain tracking (UHF passive), and ePassports (HF passive).

Two in-depth case studies involving enterprises’ prospective investment in RFID invite you to think through the evaluation process. Learn how to how to apply key performance indicators (KPI’s) and common financial measurement techniques to assess a project’s potential.

The optional final exam, offered up to three times, tests applied knowledge—not rote memorization. Passing it certifies your readiness to plan a pilot.

Click here to view the course syllabus.

What People Are Saying

"RFID Essentials is outstanding! It is rare that a self-paced course can prepare an individual to address both the business and technical considerations of RFID technology in such an interactive an effective manner."

David McCarty, Brand Protection Specialist, All-Pak


"This course was very easy to follow because the knowledge was well presented and real-life examples were used. All the modules included activities and demonstrations, which I thought were very helpful because I am a visual learner. I wish I'd taken this course before I started on our RFID project, instead of in the middle. It would have given me a base of knowledge (a visual base, which is important in my case) that would have enabled me to be more productive from the start. Instead, I had to learn about RFID from our systems team, which uses very technical terms."

D.M., Healthcare Industry Vendor


"RFID Essentials is a comprehensive training tool that includes virtual, hands-on demonstrations and step-by-step testing to ensure comprehension. Its lively and imaginative format is highly motivational."

Daniel Connolly, Sales Manager,
ODIN Technologies

RFID Revolution LLC | Silver Spring, MD 20910 USA

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