Wireless Sensor Networks WSN

Intelligent Industrial Sensors Go Wireless

Written By Louis Sirico, Chris Parker, and Jeff Thorn

Wireless Industrial SensorsWireless Sensor Networks (WSN) are here and if you're not familiar with them, you need to be. Energy directives, rising operating costs and a growing green movement are driving adoption of Wireless Sensor Networking for building automation. Market researcher, On World, states WSN is disruptive with up to 80% reduction in installation costs and support for a wide range of applications not possible with wires that make buildings greener and “smarter.”  With the prospect of installing sensors almost anywhere, buildings-- large and small-- can optimize their energy consumption, improve safety and security, and reduce operating expenses. ON World’s survey with 76 facility managers and IT directors found that 21% are current wireless sensor users and 32% are planning to implement WSN solutions within 18 months. 

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