MSA Helps Streamline Agron’s Retail Warehousing Operations

MSA Helps Streamline Agron's Retail Warehousing Operations

This month, on The RFID Network, we are reviewing the complete retail warehousing solutions from MSA Systems. MSA provided a very significant upgrade to the retail warehousing operation at Agron; a major distributor of retail products in the USA. MSA claims that the new system is very efficient and flexible so that new components can be easily added and updated allowing Agron to adapt to changing market demands. Recently, they added an RFID component to that system. We have reviewed the entire system. For more details please watch the video and read the product Review.

Agron, Inc found that it faced ever-increasing logistical nightmares in their warehouse distribution business. Their solution was to team up with MSA Systems, Inc., a company providing turn-key field mobility solutions, warehouse management solutions, bar coding and RFID software and hardware, as well as the infrastructure for complete support. This has turned out to be a dream relationship.

Agron is a third party distributor that handles a number of retail apparel product lines. Most notably they are the official licensee of Addidas accessories and are charged with distribution of Adidas-branded caps, socks, and bags. As you might imagine they have a large and very busy warehouse operation. The company has seen significant growth over the past few years. Due to this growth, the process of staffing the warehouse, manually fulfilling orders, packing, and finally shipping packages became relentlessly unwieldy and difficult to manage.

MSA Systems completely overhauled Agron's warehouse operations by implementing a state of the art automation system. Included in the MSA automation package are: the Pick-to-Light system, an automated conveyor system and proprietary WMS software. The Pick-to-Light and automated conveyor system is controlled through the software system by the extensive use of barcodes and RFID.

While the exact numbers are confidential, since the installation of the MSA solution Agron has:

  • Reduced staff by 35 percent during normal operating hours
  • Reduced staff by over 50 percent during peak periods
  • Realized an ROI for their investment in less than 12 months

Agron personnel boast that they did this while significantly increasing the number of units shipped per day.

According to Marc Hernandez, Director of Customer Service for Agron, Inc., their business has grown substantially and orders are getting larger. They were unfamiliar with automation systems that use bar codes and RFID so MSA was able to provide a simple, user-friendly system to permit Agron to take more orders, accommodate the increased demand, and turn orders around quicker for their retailers. The system was easy to learn and the installation, training and change over went very smoothly.

Instead of having hundreds of employees driving around the warehouse floor searching for the merchandise in cluttered boxes, employees now simply place items from the correct bins into boxes on conveyor belts where and when the lights dictate. According to Majid Jalalian, President of MSA Systems, the Pick-To-Light system eliminates errors and removes out-of-stock situations. In addition, the software anticipates and schedules all aspects of the process, down to which boxes will be needed for orders to be properly filled.

MSA Systems is headquartered in San Jose, CA and was founded in 1996. They have offices in Southern CA, Portland, OR, Phoenix and Sierra Vista, AZ and in Denver, CO. They have multiple strategic partners and resellers and provide such services as Mobile Solutions in the field and hardware integration.

If you want more information about MSA Systems or the warehouse automation solution they implemented, please take a look at their website:


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