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RFID Tag Benchmark for IT Asset Management

RFID Tag for IT Asset ManagementThe largest data centers in the world are using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology for IT asset management; and there are numerous companies claiming to have RFID tags designed for IT asset management. The RFID Network engineers did performance testing of commercially available RFID tags advertised as complying with the FSTC Guidelines for IT asset management. We tested the:

  • Omni-ID Prox NG
  • Xerafy Global Track
  • Xerafy Data Track
  • Confidex Steelwave: both HIGGS IC and the Monza 3 IC versions

In this edition of the RFID Network, our engineers perform benchmarking testing of RFID tags for IT Asset management.

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2011 Durable Asset Tag Product Evaluation & Benchmark

Our team of RFID experts evaluate commercially-available durable passive UHF RFID tags from Confidex, Intermec, and Omni-ID. These RFID tags are designed to identify and track assets that contain metal. Four sets of real-world use case tests were performed to determine how well each RFID tag performs (click a link below to read the test details):

Durable Asset Tag Benchmark Table of Contents
Introduction, Defining 'Durability' and the RFID Tags Evaluated
Vibration Survival Tests
Supply Chain Logistics Operations Tests: Mixed Pallets with an RFID Enabled Portal & Handheld RFID Reader
Asset Tracking Tests: Maximum Read Range Outdoors with a GPS enabled Handheld RFID Reader
Manufacturing Work-In-Progress Tests: Maximum Read Range Indoors with a Fixed Position RFID Reader
Overall Benchmark Test Analysis
Important Considerations When Selecting RFID Tags

The use-cases include assets such as military ammunition, beer kegs, and wooden / metal containers. Both single and double layer mixed pallet configurations are tested.

The RFID equipment used includes Alien ALR9800, Impinj Speedway® Revolution, Intermec CN3e Handheld Reader with IP30 add-on passive UHF RFID handle, Convergence Systems Limited CS101 handheld reader with CS501 module for GSM/GPRS cellular communication and global positioning technology (GPS).

This benchmark report gives you the knowledge you need for a successful implementation and should instill greater confidence when making purchasing decisions.

Metal containers used for storing and transporting United States Department of Defense Military Ammunition; specifically, 4-inch rockets; Vibration table used for ASTM D4169 testing

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