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The RFID Network Best-In-Class awards are the ONLY awards in the RFID industry based on scientifically repeatable tests of real-world scenarios and not surveyed opinion results of unknown sources.

In our experience, traditional journalists and analysts lack the technical understanding to differentiate fact from fiction and have presented 'awards' to companies with better marketing skills than technical skills. Before making any purchasing decision, our engineers strongly suggest you scrutinize any media or analyst award that does not provide you with enough information to duplicate the findings yourself.

Products given the RFID Network Best-in-Class award have been rigorously tested and carefully evaluated by subject-matter experts experts in RFID technology with at least 10 years of hands-on experience. More importantly, our experts currently use these products in production systems and we have provided in-depth reviews and benchmarks to back up our claims. Why would you use anything inferior?

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Our Product Review Rating Explained

The majority of the products we review are divided into classes with similar, competitive products. An overall product rating is displayed as a series of stars, based on a five-star scale. Our team calculates the overall rating from a series of subratings. Each subrating is determined based on its ranking when compared and/or evaluated to other products in its class. All products reviewed must be commercially available in quantities typically ordered for the product class.

Best-in-Class Award

Any product that ranks higher than the other products in its class for at least 85% of the evaluation criteria are eligible for a Best-in-Class Award. A Best-in-Class product typically changes the competitive landscape, either through innovative features, evolutionary design, exceptional value for the price, or provides a significant increase in productivity.

The evaluation criteria are a baseline for the review process but do not account for the reviewer's subjective experience of using the product or feedback from other subject matter experts that have direct experience with the product; the rating and ultimate conclusion are subject to the reviewer's discretion.

What the ratings mean:

= 5 Stars (Amazing):
A product that receives this rating scores higher than most other products in its class. It succeeds at meeting all of its intended users' needs and has no meaningful drawbacks.

= 4 Stars (Very Good):
A product that receives this rating scores high in many test criteria, but has some minor faults that certain users should be aware of.

= 3 Stars (Good):
This rating represents a product that is average. Its strengths slightly outweigh its weaknesses, making it fine for what it is marketed for but not a standout.

= 2 Stars (Mediocre):
A product with this rating typically falls in the middle of the pack for most features compared to other products in its class. You probably should not consider a product in this range or lower because there are better options available.

= 1 Stars (Poor):
A product that receives this rating scores low on all evaluated criteria. It does not satisfy its stated use and you will probably regret purchasing it.

= 0 Stars (No Rating):
This product has not yet been rated.

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