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Mid South RFID

Mid South RFID
147 Seaboard Lane
37067 Franklin
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Contact Person: Mark Davenport
Phone: 615-491-3195

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About Mid South RFID

Mid South RFID is dedicated to providing RFID application expertise to markets and customers worldwide. We work with the leading manufacturers of inlays such as Avery Dennison, Rafsec, and Alien and are a certified Symbol licensee for all Symbol products. Inlays are available in both prime label and unprinted thermal label formats and are produced utilizing state-of-the art equipment and ISO 9001-2000 based quality systems. We also create custom-designed inlays to ensure that you have the most effective inlay for your application. Our 100% verified product can be found in a wide range of complex industrial applications including baggage tracking and inventory management and in consumer markets that include retail medical devices, pharmaceutical, and healthcare. We also conform to the rigorous demands of local, state, federal, and foreign governments.

Whether your application is as simple as an unprinted thermal RFID tag or as complex as a full prime printed RFID tag with a complete reader system, Mid South RFID has the industry expertise, rapid turn-around time, and technology to meet and exceed your expectations.

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