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Convergence Systems Limited

Convergence Systems Limited
20/F Chung Nam Building No.1 Lockhart Road
Wanchai Hong Kong
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Phone: (852) 2529 3008

Product Ratings and Awards For RFID

Best in Class RFID Passive UHF Reader, Hand-Held :
CS101 Handheld RFID Reader from Convergence Systems Limited

Best in Class award for Real Time Location Systems :
CS5000 Real Time Location System

CSL has won numerous other awards including the Gold Award for the Most Innovative EPC RFID product from GS1 as well as the prestigious Hi-tech award in China.

Our team is not alone in our assessment. In October 2011, GS1 Hong Kong presented a "Gold Award for Best New RFID Product" to CSL for the CS468-16 port UHF RFID reader and family of CS790 ultra-thin UHF antennas. "The creativity that went into the CS468-16 port reader and family of ultra-thin UHF antennas is highly impressive. We believe these innovative products could help industry players reap the enormous benefits of EPC/RFID and make item-level tracking in the retail store front a reality,"says Ms. Anna Lin, Chief Executive Officer of GS1 Hong Kong.

Additionally, CSL was also awarded the 2009 Asia Pacific Frost & Sullivan Product Differentiation Excellence Award for the RFID Readers Market.

Articles and Videos Featuring CSL RFID Systems

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About Convergence Systems Limited, CSL

Convergence Systems LimitedFounded in 2000, Convergence Systems Limited (CSL) is a leading design engineering and sales company of RFID readers, antennas, RFID modules, and custom RFID tags. CSL's readers have built-in middleware and edge server application supporting EPC Gen 2 specifications. CSL also offers a full line of active RTLS RFID products. CSL was established to deliver a broad portfolio of RFID products to OEMs and system integrators in logistic management, supply chain, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, access control, asset and security management, transportation, and retail industries around the world. CSL is a member of EPCglobal.

We have developed strong engineering and management teams in our Hong Kong headquarters and in our China manufacturing operations.

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