Intermec Large Rigid (Global Version)


Intermec IT65 Large Rigid Product Description

Intermec’s Large Rigid tag is a passive UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder that delivers superior performance on a variety of surfaces including plastic, wood and metal. The tag, available in both Gen 2 and ISO 18000-6B versions, combines an impressive range with a rugged yet compact package designed for harsh industrial applications and temperatures ranging from -40° to 250° F (-40° to +121° C). No other tag on the market can claim the ruggedness and worldwide usability of these tags.

Typical applications include:

  • Tractors and trailers
  • Reusable plastic containers (RPC)
  • Metal cages
  • Wood and plastic pallets
  • Unit loading devices (ULD)

Intermec IT65 Large Rigid Review

Product Rating:
4 Star product review rating
Review Details

Performance Tests:
The Large Rigid scored either second or third place in the far field tests, which is extremely respectable given it is a global tag, meaning the antenna is tuned for the global UHF frequency spectrum (860 MHz to 960 MHz). This provides a more balanced performance when the tag travels from one region of the world to another. In the near field test, it also performed well. We must give credit to Intermec for designing a global tag that performs better than many North American tuned tags.

Although the Large Rigid is marketed as a durable tag and Intermec even lists the chemicals the tag is tested to resist. However, we could not find an IP rating. The temperatures tolerance are respectable: -40? to 250? F (-40? to 121? C), and the tag supports adhesive, bolt or rivet methods of attachment.

Features and Price:
With 96 bits of memory, the Large Rigid can hold your EPC data. The Intermec Large Rigid is extremely expensive in small quantities, but our team was assured the price drops significantly for quantities in the thousands. However, every vendor promises lower prices for higher volumes.

If you require a global durable asset tag and you can justify the hefty price tag, the Large Rigid will definitely handle the task.

Product Review Details: Durable Asset Tag Evaluation and Benchmark Testing

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