rfid smart shelfThe OMNITROL RFID Smart solution starts as low as $1,499 month and comes with a 6-month money-back guarantee. This package is offered exclusively through The RFID Networks and includes:

  • One OMNITROL software package
  • One OMNITROL appliance
  • One OMNTIROL Smart Touch Screen
  • One OMNITROL Smart Sensor box
  • One metal shelf
  • One RFID reader and four antennas
  • One hundred (100) work order tags
  • Twenty five (25) employee tags
  • Installation and user’s guides

The OMNITROL RFID Smart Shelf package is a complete integrated RFID, sensor and software solution. The OMNITROL solution can be rapidly deployed in an industrial or office environment to provide immediate real-time visibility without impacting operational processes. The solution scales seamlessly from one manufacturing line to a complete factory and even across geographically dispersed operations.

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RFID Improves the Manufacturing of Guided Missiles
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  • Real time asset visibility
  • Improve manufacturing operations:
    • Increase on-time delivery
    • Reduce cycle time and WIP
    • Generate reporting and spreadsheets
    • Minimize impact on current operations or back-end systems
  • Collaborate with manufacturing, QA, and logistics
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Take decision based on high-integrity data
  • View real-time KPIs and analytics
  • 3 to 5 months ROI with ultra-low TCO

Reduce supplier management costs

  • Manage suppliers by exception
  • Receive high-integrity real-time data
  • Manage more suppliers per resource
  • Interact with suppliers remotely
  • Eliminate manual spreadsheets or reports
  • Achieve better and faster decision making with 24/7 visibility and alerts
  • Coordinate deliveries across multiple suppliers
  • Limit impact to back-end systems
  • Reduce travels, meetings and calls

Manufacturer Information: ( Omnitrol Networks )

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