Real Time Location System (RTLS) Starter Kit



The Real Time Location System (RTLS) Starter Kit provides everything you need to get started tracking your assets in real time including the location engine software. This starter kit contains manuals, special instruction guides, training sessions, and code snippets to speed up development. Purchasing this starter kit also entitles you to get additional demo source code and high priority source code development support, even custom help source code build.

The CSL CS5000 won the The RFID Network 2011 Best in Class award for Real Time Location Systems. Click here to watch our video product review titled: How to Setup a RTLS.

This RTLS Starter Kit is offered exclusively through The RFID Network and includes (click on any of the below links for specifications and technical data sheet):

the CSL CS500 rtls starter kit

What's not included in the starter kit, but highly recommended by The RFID Network:

  • Laser distance meter or tape measure to determine the distance between the readers;
  • Network switch to connect the master reader and computer running the location engine software;
  • Power extension cords in case there is no electrical outlet near the readers;
  • A large package of at least thirty (30) AAA bateries for the asset tags (10 tags x 3 AAA batteries per tag).

Introduction to the CSL CS5000 Real Time Location System

A Real Time Location Systems or RTLS typically refers to a collection of sensors that work together to automatically identify and track the location of objects (including people) in real time. The CSL RTLS is comprised of the following (click on any of the below links for specifications and technical data sheet):

Readers, also referred to as anchors, perform ranging and provide a known location reference point for tags. There are master anchors and slave anchors. In April, 2011, CSL introduced two new models of anchors for 180° and 360° ranging.

Master Readers / Anchors

Master readers / anchors perform tag ranging and transfers all the ranging data collected by the slave anchors back to the server running the location engine software. It is connected to DC power and and ethernet port or to a Power Over Ethernet (PoE) port alone. There are three models (click below for product data sheets):

Slave Readers / Anchors

Slave readers / anchors performs tag ranging and communicate wirelessly with the master anchor. Only DC power is required. There are three models (click below for product data sheets):


Asset Tags (CS3151-AAA Active Tag)

Personnel Wrist Tags (CS3151BB2 Active Tag)

CS5000 real time location system rtls development kit

For more details and technical specifications on the CSL CS5000 RTLS, please see the article accompanying our video.
the CSL CS500 rtls reader / anchor with tripod and mounting bracket

Manufacturer Information: ( Convergence Systems Limited )

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