RFID Product and Vendor Selection

Are you currently using or considering RFID technology?

A thirty minute call with one of The RFID Network subject matter experts can save you months of research, the expense of purchasing hardware, software, or RFID tags that do not meet your requirements or operate as the manufacturer claims. We can directly introduce you to the suppliers with the highest customer satisfaction ratings.

Our team is comprised of RFID experts with 10 to 25 years of RFID experience that are hands-on evaluating and testing the latest RFID technology in real world environments.

We provide highly specialized, 3rd party, vendor neutral professional services, unmatched in the industry, which includes:

  • RFID technology selection (what hardware, software, or RFID tags best fits your requirements)
  • RFID vendor selection (what companies should you purchase from)
  • 3rd party project review (are you being overcharged for RFID products or consulting services?)
  • Executive Briefings (how will RFID technology benefit your specific business opreations)
  • Writing RFP's and reviewing submitted proposals that include RFID

For more information on how we can assist you please contact us or get started today with Ask an Expert: RFID Network Telephone Support

What Our Clients Say

"You just saved us at least six months of research.", Tire Manufacturer

"We should have called your team first. We've spent nearly a million dollars and it still doesn't work like they said it would.", Durable Goods Manufacturer

"There is unquestionable ROI from working with The RFID Network", Electronics Manufacturer

"Our time... was AMAZING. It was immensely informative.", Engineering Design Firm

"You could charge a lot more for this service.", Retail Apparel Company

Our Current / Previous Engagements Include

  • Saved a consumer goods manufacturer $171,000 the first year alone by assisting with RFID tag and vendor selection
  • Recommended the technology used for the attendee security system at the 2012 & 2011 Academy Awards.
  • RFID technology and vendor selection for US Navy
  • RFID technology and vendor selection for $30B durable goods manufacturer
  • RFID technology and vendor selection for global logistics company
  • RFID technology and vendor selection for retailer with 3,000+ locations
  • Assisting several $10B+ consumer goods manufacturers comply with RFID initiatives from major retailers
  • Saved a hotelier $35K in unnecessary services from a system integrator

Just to give you an idea of how we can help, please read RFID Projects – Avoiding the Five Most Common Mistakes

RFID Network On-line Research Resources

Product Reviews, Product Benchmarks, Best-in-Class Product Awards

The RFID Network engineers perform product reviews, benchmark tests, and actual implementations of RFID systems. We produce videos and write in-depth technical articles of products that have been rigorously tested and carefully evaluated by highly qualified subject matter experts in RFID technology.

The best of those products are given an RFID.net Best-in-Class award, which are the only awards in the RFID industry based on scientifically repeatable tests of real-world use-cases and not surveyed opinion results. Our team not only publishes the results, but shows you exactly how we achieved the results. Most importantly, our experts verify these products not only work in production systems, but are scalable enough for your enterprise. Why would you use anything inferior?

Trusted Partner Program

Every day, people contact The RFID Network to ask what companies we recommend for products and services. That's why we have developed a trusted partner program. Our listing of trusted partners comes from 10 years of RFID experience along with hands-on testing, reference checking, and feedback. While The RFID Network cannot guarantee that a specific product or company is perfectly suited for your unique requirements, these are providers that have delivered outstanding solutions in the past for their customers. Scroll down to see the list below or read more about The RFID Network Trusted Partner Program.

Buyer's Guides

Before making a significant investment in any technology, you should know the right questions to ask your vendors. Here's a couple examples of how The RFID Network can help:

Best Practices and How-to Guides

Planning to implement RFID technology yourself? The RFID Network is your technical resource.

Other Resources

Although The RFID Network does not accept paid advertisements, we do recommend other credible sources of information on RFID.

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