UHF RFID Tags & Smart Labels

People new to using RFID often think RFID tags are like bar codes, but in reality, there are big differences. For example: just because you see a tag doesn't mean your RFID equipment will see it. Contrarily, if you can't see a tag, it doesn't mean your RFID equipment won't read it. Confused yet?

The fact is, there is a lot to know about RFID tags and it's not a simple as people would like it to be.

The RFID Network has put together a series of articles and videos that will help you understand:

  • What RFID tag you should use;
  • How to figure out where to place the tag on what you're trying to track;
  • Tagging items that travel internationally;
  • Custom, or application-specific, tagging;
  • How passive UHF tags work;
  • The cost of an RFID tag

Passive UHF RFID Tags & Smart Labels: In-Depth, Expert Advice

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