Chances are, you’ve never been to an aerospace and defense manufacturing facility. In this special edition of The RFID Network, we’ve been given a rare opportunity to go inside one of these facilities for a look at how RFID technology is used to help build unmanned aerial vehicles and guided missiles for the US Department of Defense.

Using integrated RFID, sensor and software for supplier collaboration can provide significant financial and quality benefits. By deploying on a supplier’s shop-floor, RFID can provide immediate real-time visibility into customer orders without impacting operational processes.

Benefits of RFID for aerospace suppliers & OEMs

  • Benefits for the suppliers
  • Increase on-time delivery
  • Reduce cycle time and WIP
  • Generate reporting and spreadsheets
  • Minimize impact on current operations or back-end systems
  • Collaborate with manufacturing, QA, and logistics
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Make decisions based on high-integrity data
  • View real-time KPIs and analytics
  • 3 to 5 months ROI with ultra-low TCO
  • Benefits for the OEM
  • Manage suppliers by exception
  • Receive high-integrity real-time data
  • Manage more suppliers per resource
  • Interact with suppliers remotely
  • Eliminate manual spreadsheets or reports
  • Achieve better and faster decision making with 24/7 visibility and alerts
  • Coordinate deliveries across multiple suppliers
  • Limit impact to back-end systems
  • Reduce travels, meetings and calls

About the Author

Louis Sirico
Louis Sirico has 20+ years of C-level experience in early-stage to publicly traded companies. He has architected and implemented RFID/IoT solutions in retail, supply chain, manufacturing, sports, leisure, and entertainment, and managed technical teams of 5 to 120. He helped develop the EPC Global C1G2 standard. He authored and published hundreds of technical articles as well as a hardcover book, titled Thin Air: How Wireless Technology Fulfills the Lean Mission. He was as one of the original 15 Subject Matter Expert’s (SMEs) for the CompTIA RFID+ certification exam. Louis is most well known as the creator and host of The RFID Network, an educational TV program that was broadcast on 23 US cable channels to an audience of 1.5+ million viewers. He had hundreds of professional speaking engagements, providing RFID/IoT industry analysis & subject matter expertise at conferences, universities, on network television and on radio. In 2002, he was nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by the Entrepreneur Council of Maryland and then in 2004, sold the business he founded for 5 times revenue.

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